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Arla Unika

Dairy in the gastronomic world class


Arla Unika manufactures small-scale, artisan-produced delicacies. In our flagship store as well as the cheese wine and coffee shop the cheese is the focus. Here, everything is served from simple sandwiches and salads to advanced dishes for take away or to eat on site.


Arla Unika's cheeses are developed in collaboration with passionate dairies, experimental product developers, skilled chefs and innovative entrepreneurs. It is in this collaboration that we find inspiration and expertise to develop innovative dairy products at the highest gastronomic level. Together we get new ideas, test ourselves, get inspired and test again and again. Finally, we have created a Unique.


The story began in 2002 in Denmark when cooks went out in the media and asked Arla: "Where is the diversity and the unique taste in your products?"

At first, Arla couldn't quite understand the criticism. Surely it is quality when you can expect the same taste every time? Is that the hallmark of a branded product?

The chefs maintained their criticism. We listened, and with a start in the new Nordic kitchen began a knowledge journey with the chefs. It became the starting point for Arla Unika.


The purpose of Arla Unika is the same today as 2002, when the knowledge journey started. We want to raise dairy to world-class gastronomic in collaboration with the gastronomic elite.

We call our mission "New Heights". We achieve them with our three product series: Unique X, Arla Unika and Essence from Arla Unika.


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114 39 Stockholm

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