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The city of Stockholm has recently renovated Östermalms Saluhall, one of the world's foremost food and dining venues. The four-year long project was celebrated with a re-opening on March 5 2020. The brick building from 1888 has fantastic qualities, both interior and exterior. It also has the city's highest classification for cultural-historical buildings.

The renovation is based on the building's typical character and cultural-historical values. The hall retains its warm and cozy atmosphere while recreating the building's original star-shaped layout from 1888.

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Creating one of the world's

premiere food halls

Östermalms Saluhall is an institution in Stockholm, a place for the enjoyment of food in a historic setting, which since 1888 provides high-quality ingredients and food from Swedish and international cuisines. Östermalms Saluhall also has the highest level in the Stockholm City Museum’s cultural classification. Östermalms Saluhall cultural and historical heritage is stored inside the walls, and makes the building extremely special, but its age also means that there is an unmet need of refurbishment. To celebrate another 130 years, the City of Stockholm has renovated one of Stockholm’s main venues Östermalms Saluhall and revitalized the building including recreating the original star-shaped floor plan from 1888.

The project is part of the city’s Vision 2030 for a world-class Stockholm and work to improve the entire area around Östermalms Saluhall with adjacent streets. The city wants to develop Östermalms Saluhall to become one of the world’s premier venues for food and dining experiences.

The four-year long renovation ended in March 2020 and as of March 5 it´s open for the public. 

The hotel


The neighboring property on Nybrogatan is being refurbished and converted into a hotel. The hotel and the market hall are linked by a glazed courtyard with restaurant activities. The hotel Villa Dagmar opened in May 2021. Read more HERE.


New art

A new feature in the main entrance of the mall is the artwork Up, up and away, which was created by the artist Fredrik Wretman and represents a leg in the jump. Also in the passage between the market hall and the hotel there will be a new artwork on the ceiling created by the artist Leontine Arvidsson. The artworks are created in collaboration with Stockholm art and follow the one percent rule.



Tours, Events & Press

Visning & Press

For press questions contact the chairman of Östermalms Saluhall:


Ulf Elmqvist


Personally guided tours and events in the food hall:

Both private groups and companies have the opportunity to book a guided tour led by Östermalms Saluhall editor-in-chief. Lina Bielsten has worked with the food hall for 10 years and in her personal way conveys knowledge about the long history of this Swedish landmark and fun anecdotes from some of the people who have been a part of it. The walk can also contain enjoyable samples from different stores. The tours or events are tailored to your wishes and availability - it can also be added to other activities in connection with Östermalms Saluhall.

Languages: Swedish and English.


Inquiries regarding booking a guide to private tours or visits with larger groups or business events in the food hall: 

Lina Bielsten, project manager and editor-in-chief of Östermalms Saluhall Magazine


Read more about the guided tours and see some of the frequently asked questions . CLICK HERE.

Contact Stockholm City

Linda Laine

Head of Communications, Real Estate Office.

Simon Can

Manager, Real Estate Office.

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