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B. Andersson Fågel & Vilt

A handpicked selection of only the best

At B. Andersson Fågel & Vilt we are very particular about our role as ambassadors for Mother Nature’s fantastic larder. An uncompromising selection of delicacies from the forest and the countryside are available – all of the very highest quality.

The range of produce is surprisingly varied, despite stringent demands on produce and suppliers, and the fact that we spend time plucking the birds ourselves, for example. Duck, grouse, capercaillie, pheasant, and cuts of roe deer, deer and elk lie side by side, as do duck sausages and five different quality breeds of corn-fed chicken.

Do try duck at your next dinner party, and we will include 7-8 hg of top quality duck liver. Amongst all the other delicacies on offer, the barrel-aged balsamic vinegar and the white truffles are well worth a mention.

Good advice and cooking tips are part of the service for anyone who does not choose a ready-prepared dish of homely fare or gourmet quality.

Takeaway or ready-made party food is available, and home catering is offered as a complement.





Mon-Fri 9:30-19:00

Sat 9:30-17:00 

Phone: 08-662 55 57

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