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Texas Longhorn Östermalm

What ingredients are needed to cure homesickness?


When Texas Longhorns founder Philip moved to Sweden, after a while he began to miss his hometown of San Antonio in Texas. Very. He longed for barbecue smoke, spicy slow-cookers, and a place where people can gather to relax, laugh, and share stories. A real Texas barbecue.
So, using the family recipes, he started a restaurant that reminded him of everything he left behind. For himself and anyone who wants to feel at home in Texas.
One of the most important factors to Texas Longhorn's success is our focus on the quality of what we serve and where the meat plays an important role. We have very high demands on taste and quality and therefore we only serve beef, chicken and pork from Sweden. Our guests can always feel completely secure that the meat they eat comes from a Swedish farm.
At Texas Longhorn in Östermalm's Saluhall, you can choose from steaks, burgers and signature dishes such as BBQ ribs, nachos and fajitas, as well as delicious desserts inspired by Texas, from the restaurant's balcony overlooking the market hall. Lunch and dinner are served here, as well as brunch on Saturdays.


In the middle of the restaurant sits a large bar that serves everything from classic drinks to Texas Margaritas, wine and beer in frozen glasses just right for the AW pendant. 


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