Seared by Texas Longhorn

What ingredients are needed to cure homesickness?


When Texas Longhorn's founder Philip moved to Sweden, after a while he began to miss his hometown of San Antonio, Texas. He longed for barbecue smoke, spicy cook and a place where people can gather to relax, laugh and share stories. A real Texas barbecue.

So with the help of the family recipe, he started a restaurant that reminded him of everything he left behind. For himself and everyone who wants to feel at home in Texas.


We believe that one of the most important factors for Texas Longhorn's success is our focus on the quality of what we serve, where the meat plays an important role. Good meat for us is a high quality meat from selected producers with high marbling. Visually and tastefully, it should be appealing to you as a meat lover.


The meat on our grill menu and the burgers at Burgers & Deli comes from a carefully selected supplier.

Other meat such as chicken, flank steak, bacon and hamburger (Steakhouse) come from selected Swedish suppliers. Fish and shellfish on the menu are accepted according to WWF's consumer guide for more environmentally friendly purchases of seafood.

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