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Tysta Mari

For food lovers who want to enjoy a classic environment

Tysta Mari offers something for all food lovers.
A morning latte with freshly baked bread, well-cooked home cooking for lunch, fresh seafood and an excellent wine for dinner - or
buy your own selection of delicacies in the well-stocked shop. We also have a Bistro upstairs with plenty of space in newly renovated areas and with a balcony overlooking the entire hall. Here we serve both classic home cooking, seafood and today's lunch.
  Tysta Mari's Bar, Bistro & Café has, among other things, a wide coffee menu, fresh sandwiches on their own bread, delicious home cooking, fresh seafood and excellent wines, all served in the hall's pleasant environment - or as takeaway.


Tysta Mari's Delicatessen also has a lot to choose from. Here you will find exciting cheeses, fresh pasta, first-class Italian charcuterie, bread, pastries, coffee and tea.

As a catering company, Tysta Mari has over 25 years of experience in complete catering with its own good food and all the food hall's fresh ingredients, for both small and large parties.


Mon-Fri 9:30-19:00 Sat 9:30-17:00 

Phone: 08-662 60 36

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