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Willy Ohlsson Eftr.

Expertly hung and prepared, and very carefully selected.

At Willy Ohlsson’s even the best is not good enough. The proof is perhaps in their famed “Guldkött”, carefully selected cuts of beef and entrecote cured until they achieve tenderness and taste that is unparalleled. Another favourite among our customers over the past 40 years is the Skälby sausage, made from the choicest ingredients from skin to stuffing.

Other meat and deli products on offer include the wonderful salami sausages and hams from Spain and Italy’s most renowned producers.

You will also find ready-cooked homely fare and other deli products, ready to serve and enjoy both as everyday meals and on special occasions.


The impressive assortment of selected cheeses comprises French and Italian classics competing with homemade Swedish hard cheeses with just the right balance between strength and taste.


At Willy Ohlsson’s you can also take a seat and enjoy lunch or an early dinner, if you prefer that to a takeaway or ready-to-serve arrangements of deli items for catering.

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Contact Us

Östermalms Saluhall
114 39 Stockholm

Tel: 08-667 43 66


Mon-Fri      9:30-19:00

    Sat           9:30-17:00

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